Posted by: Mogwai
May 11, 2009

As of 4/20/09, Arctic Wrath is no longer a raid guild.

Check out other guilds on the Drenden Raid Progression.

Follow the rest of Drenden on the Realm Forums.

Ulduar Night 2

Posted by: Mogwai
April 20, 2009


Ulduar Night 1

Posted by: Mogwai
April 17, 2009

Flame Leviathan

Sartharion & His 3 Friends Get No Respect, NO RESPECT !

Posted by: Mogwai
March 06, 2009

We came, we saw, they died, we won.
Quick, Dirty, Cheap, and Fun.

First Loots:
Maizey: [Staff of Restraint]
Boremar: [Obsidian Greathelm]
Mythriilhand: [Bountiful Gauntlets]


Gratz to Bleak on our first drake !

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